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Positions Open

Spontaneous applications from strong PhD/Postdoc candidates interested in our research themes and with appropriate skills profiles are always encouraged. A scholarship application may be needed to support you, so please be prepared by making contact early, while being aware of realistic funding options plus their timelines for application and review.

Chemistry PhD Position

We are renewing an organic synthesis & chemical biology PhD position in early 2023.

Several research topics are possible depending on group priorities by that time: (1) "next-gen" optically-controlled bioactive reagents to study and manipulate microtubule biology; (2) redox-active chemical probes and prodrugs for thiol/selenol oxidoreductases; (3) chemical methods advances for in vivo optical imaging and for light/materials interactions (membranes, gels, etc). All these projects require strong practical and theoretical backgrounds in synthetic organic chemistry. Experience in chemical biology, biochemistry, med chem etc will be helpful to get off to a good start, but these aspects will be trained throughout the PhD.

Internships (BSc, Forschungspraktika, and MSc in Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology)

As an interface group, we welcome spontaneous applications from students of Pharmacy, Chemistry, and Biology.

Students are exposed to a wide range of skills within their field and beyond it, and are assigned to their own sub-projects to perform frontier research. Students with an independent mindset who enjoy the opportunity to explore techniques and concepts beyond their studies will find an exciting environment here, where they can learn new skills in microscopy, cell biology, biochemistry, organic synthesis, photochemistry, electronics, and pharmacology.

Application Procedure

Make contact early. If you're interested in our research, let us know - even 6-12 months in advance.

MSc/PhD/Postdoc applicants: email Oliver, attaching a single PDF that makes your skills and interests clear - typically a short CV, your scanned academic transcript (BSc and MSc grades), supervisor reference/s, and contact phone & email of previous direct practical work supervisors (typically PhD students or postdocs). Please don't put a picture in your CV, there's no need.

All applicants incl. F-Praktika and BSc: To get the best response, please give the right information: e.g.

  • (1) what type of research focus / methods you are looking for, and what related experience you already have, so we can see on which project you might best fit in.
  • (2) when you are available to do the internship and how many lab weeks you can do in that time (eg "I can do 8 weeks in lab, flexible on timing between June 15 and Oct 1"), so we can fit you into our schedule.
  • (3) contact details of your previous direct practical supervisors (not just the professor), optionally plus any general reference letter, so we can get a feeling for your strengths.
  • (4) marks transcript from BSc and MSc (so far), so we can see your theoretical background.

F-Praktika from Dept Chem: will need an additional signature from Huc/Merk on your Anmeldebestätigung.

BSc/MSc from Dept Chem: will need additional signature from Trapp/Carell on your Anmeldebestätigung.