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Most Common External Links
* Reference Resolver; shortDOI and sDOI shortcuts
* Reaxys, SciFinder, Google Scholar, Google Patent
* Researcher App online companion
* PDB Protein Data Base
* Alfa, TCI, Fisher, Sigma, ChemPur; and supplier shortcuts
* Link Shortener, Big File Transfer

Most Common Internal Links
* Seminars: Chem & Pharm (LMU); Chem MChG (LMU / TUM); Biology (LMU & MPI); Biophysics (LMU-CeNS)
* LMU Webmail; CUP website; LMU Service Portal
* DAMARIS & Chemstore databases; Chemicals Available Downstairs
* Thorn-Seshold, Wanner & Trauner Group Chemical Databases