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Positions Open

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Research Positions Available: Cell. & Mol. Bio PhD ; Organic Synthesis PhD; Tumour Biology Postdoc.

Spontaneous Applications from strong PhD/Postdoc candidates interested in our chemical biology research themes and with appropriate skills profiles are always encouraged, regardless of open position lists.

PhD Positions (2)

A PhD position in Cell & Molecular Biology is available starting 2019, focussing on research around DNA-interacting compounds with novel features and possibilities (including photoswitchable inhibitors of topoisomerases, triggered DNA alkylators, and classical pharmaceutical chemistry).

A Synthetic Chemistry PhD position is available starting 2019, involving synthesis and basic testing of new chemical reagents that reveal and control key biological processes (cellular transport and division, DNA transcription, signalling). Experience in synthetic organic chemistry / pharmaceutical chemistry, and an interest in pharmacological/biological applications, are required. The positions involve photoswitchable molecules or biologically-triggered probes for control of biological activity (see the Research pages for general topic descriptions).

Internships (Bachelor Thesis, Forschungspraktika, Masters Thesis)

    As an interface group, we welcome spontaneous applications from students of Pharmacy, Chemistry, and Biology. Students are exposed to a wide range of skills within their field and beyond it, and are assigned to their own sub-projects to perform frontier research. Students with an independent mindset who enjoy the opportunity to explore techniques and concepts beyond their studies will find an exciting environment here, where they can learn new skills in microscopy, cell biology, biochemistry, organic synthesis, photochemistry, electronics, and pharmacology.
    Each year 1-2 International Students with an excellent track record, wishing to perform a Masters research thesis or similar 6-month research stay, may be financially supported for this period within the group. Applications are collected in Jan-Feb.

Postdoc Position (1)

A senior biologist position starting spring/summer 2019 within the NanoCapture project is available for an in vivo biologist with strong prior experience in tumour biology.

Application Procedure

    Email Oliver, attaching a PDF containing a short CV, your scanned academic transcript, supervisor reference/s, and contact phone&email of previous practical supervisors.