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Team Events

Wiesn Outing, October 2019
The Munich classic, this year at the Paulaner.

Campus Football Tournament, June 2019
Driven by the pitiless power of the Sailer-Face-Zeisel axis, the Switcheroos romped home to surprise double victories in the annual Grosshadern Campus soccer tournament before bowing out in the quarters.

AirHop Challenge, May 2019
More exhausting than you'd think.

Ski Retreat, February 2019
As well as the giant sledborne snowball fight, the creativity and unexpected musicality of Li's chemical biology seminar may enter into legend.

Yelena, Li, Julia, Sonja, Elena, Jan, Franziska, Oliver, Alexander, Kasia, Petar, Carina, Monique, Adrian, Tilmann.

PhD Winter Retreat, January 2019
Twice yearly we hold a week-long Research Retreat away at a lake in Austria, with morning sessions on research skills and afternoons for paper writing. Retreat 1 tackled paper structuring and figure prep, data processing & stats, collaborations and presentation practice.

Survivors of Retreat #1: Li, Jan, Adrian, Franzi, Alex, Julia, Oliver.

Oktoberfest Outing, October 2018
The famous Munich tradition.

Petar, Yelena, Li, Marina, Doris, Adrian, Alex, Yvonne, Sebastian, Elena, Marc, Franzi, Julia, Ruchira, Oliver, Tilmann.

Isar Boating Trip, July 2018
Munich's less famous tradition is its summer obsession with the Isar, a clear cold river that flows from the Alps through the city. Boating from 30 km away into town is a perfect way to cool off from the heat.

The Thorn-Seshold and Daumann groups: Carina, Marc, Christina, Kati, Alex, Franzi, Adrian, Julia, Yvonne, Yelena, Jan, Doris, Tilmann, Oliver, and the Daumanns.

Football Tournament, June 2018
"Li + the OTSWaHuBras" before the annual Grosshadern Campus soccer tournament. We didn't score but we did have the best shirts.

Oliver, Jan, Alex, Carina, Adrian, Janina, Jonas, Marc, Britta, Basti, J├╝rgen, Yelena, Captain Li.

Ski Retreat, March 2018

Yelena, Petar, Gosia, Carina, Doris, Oliver, Jan, Yvonne, Adrian, Carsten, Marina, Li, Tilmann.

Lasertag, November 2017

Adrian, Oliver, Yvonne, Niklas, Marina, Li, Doris, Petar, Yelena, Carsten, Andrea.

Summer Restaurant Visit, May 2017

Andrea, Kristina, Beccy, Ahmed, Yelena, Alexander, Bekkah, Oliver, Petar, Li, Quillian.

Group Billiards Outing, March 2017

Yelena, Li, Oliver, Bekkah, Quillian, Gosia.

Autumn Colours, November 2016

Sandra, Yelena, Andrea, Oliver, Gosia.