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The Resources section is our online group manual. “If you need it, this is where you should find it!”
It should contain all the info you need to get started, research well, and broaden your horizons.
Any new ideas, and all updates/corrections to these pages, are welcome - send to OTS!

Most Common External Links
* Reference Resolver; shortDOI and sDOI shortcuts
* Reaxys, SciFinder, Google Scholar, Google Patent
* Researcher App online companion
* PDB Protein Data Base
* Alfa, TCI, Fisher, Sigma, ChemPur; and supplier shortcuts
* Link Shortener, Big File Transfer

Most Common Internal Links
* Seminars: Chem & Pharm (LMU); Chem MChG (LMU / TUM); Biology (LMU & MPI); Biophysics (LMU-CeNS)
* LMU Webmail; CUP website; LMU Service Portal
* DAMARIS & Chemstore databases; Chemicals Available Downstairs
* Thorn-Seshold, Wanner & Trauner Group Chemical Databases
* Analytics Division: methods available (Xray, spectroscopy, MS, NMR, EA...); ChemABS submission link; HRMS Supp Info method description for papers