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Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy (CUP) website, webmail, and intranet.

Seminars: Chem & Pharm (LMU); Chem MChG; Biology (LMU/MPI); Biophysics (LMU/CeNS); MPI courses.

CUP Lab Services
* DAMARIS CUP chemical database and the now-defunct Chemstore CUP chemical search
* AK Wanner, Pharmacy Department
* Microscopes at BioSysM (LSM, TIRF, SD); and Pharmacy Department microscopy platform
* Analytics: methods available (Xray, spectroscopy, HRMS, NMR, EA...); ChemABS submission link; HRMS Supp Info method description; and X-ray/elemental analysis
* The walk-on 400 MHz NMR queue is here. Check your NMRs (LMU intranet only)
* CUP Intranet services: Chemicals & Post; Rooms & Infrastructure; Repairs & Workshops; and Computer Services
* Print an A0 Poster (ask for a login if yours doesn't work automatically)
* Booking calendars for BioSysM FACS (Neda); Biel IVIS; Bio/genetics SP5; Bio/genetics FACS; BioSysM/Gene Centre microscopy (Christophe Jung); Gene Centre Proteomics (nanoHPLC);
* LMU equipment exchange service (free)

CUP & LMU Admin/Office Services
* CUP Intranet admin: Dept Pharmacy forms (BSc/MSc evaluation, sick note, safety, inventorising and equip buying). (Dept Chem has a Handbook helpful for understanding how that department works, English notes on equip buying, and other forms useful for admin; these need to be 'translated' to Dept Pharma but it shows how the system works)
* The LMU Service Portal for centralised forms and services, incl sick leave info, help with grants, hiring HiWis / staff, etc
* The LMU Internal site (not so useful)

* Before going: fill Trip Pre-Approval Form 70 before going (OTS signs, then send up to Fr Herceg). MSc / invitees need an additional OTS invitation letter.
* Normal reimbursing: fill Trip Reimbursement Form 71, then Hauspost your reimbursement pack [forms 70 & 71, all receipts, & (for card/bank transfer payments) an account statement excerpt showing that you paid it for yourself] to ZUV Referat II.7 [= the LMU's centralised travel admin office] by latest 6 months after trip: else no refund.
* For gebundene Privataufenthalt you need 2 Vergleichsfl├╝ge/z├╝ge to justify plane/train ticket price.
* MSc / invitees: use External Traveller form (OTS signs & bills) plus receipts and submit to Fr Herceg, not ZUV.
* Other info: Short Guide; full Travel Webpage; & contacts for travel questions (visitors, etc).
* From 2020, only BahnCard Business variety can be reimbursed through LMU (apply for the card online through Axel Kronsedler at the ZUV II.7; reimbursement latest 6 months post expiry).

Om Nom Nom
* the Food-Truck
* Today's menus at the BioMensa and ChemMensa
* Not interested? Mike's?