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The TS Research Group

The Thorn-Seshold group was established at LMU Munich in 2016. Our group comprises ~50% organic synthesis & pharmaceutical chemistry, 50% in vitro and in vivo biology, allowing us to independently translate and evaluate chemical biology strategies from the fume hood to the mouse house. For the current group members, see the Team tab.

We are embedded within several DFG collaborative research networks and also work together with groups in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and France.

Wiesn Outing, October 2019: Constanze, Monique, Julia, Paula, Li, Savanna, Jan, Marcel, Philipp, Stefanie, Markus, Tilmann, Alex, Kathrin, Lukas, Petar, Simon, Adrian, Oliver. absent: Yvonne Kraus, Wen-Hsin Liu, Elena Longhi.