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Group Hike, August 2023
Hiking up the Bavarian "Dragon" mountain:


Group Retreat, March 2023
The TS Group Traunkirchen Retreat is back at last! The best location, with the best team:

and some pretty stunning scenery and hiking all around:

Christmas party, December 2022
To wrap up the year: Powerpoint karaoke with the tastiest Glühwein, before a Glockenbach night out.

Oktoberfest, September 2022
The Munich classic, this year classier than ever, although no pictures survive.

Herrsching Retreat Week, August 2022
The TS Group Retreats are back! One week of science, writing, presenting, and cooking skills all together in a giant lakeview house.

Group Hike, July 2022
Perfect weather for a day hike across the Voralpen!

Tegernsee Stroll, Apr 2022
Taking advantage of the only damp day in April to hike by the Tegernsee lake and enjoy the Tegernseer Bräuhaus.

"Mini-Retreat", Jan 2022
To kick off the year: 2 days of paper writing and coffee in the sunshine, with the Golden Owl nearby, a welcome return to indoors events.

full Group Events Archive (pre-Corona)

Beyond our social & sporting events and ski weekends, we are proud of our more unusual "Research Retreats". Once a year we go away as a group and stay for a week at a lakeside in Austria or Bavaria. We use the mornings to train the skills that you need to succeed in science but which most people never get taught, and use the afternoons/evenings for undistracted paper writing, followed by social evenings and the hotly contested poster/presentation challenges.

Research Retreat 2
Our second Traunkirchen retreat week covered preparing and presenting talks, with sidelines on poster prep, gender equality in science, image handling and figure assembly.

Research Retreat 1
Our kick-off retreat, a couple of months after the start of our Emmy Noether funding (thanks DFG!).
Retreat 1 tackled paper structuring and figure prep, with sidelines on data processing & stats, collaborations and group presentation practice.

Survivors of Retreat #1