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Prizes, Scholarships and Independent Funding within the Group

We strongly encourage and support our group members to secure individual funding and prizes. Winning your own funding is an integral step in an academic career, allows you to test your knowledge and ideas against the rigour of the peer review system, and is a prestigious recognition for any CV.

Individual Awards within the group:

Ben Winkler - Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds PhD Fellowship 2020

Lukas Zeisel - Lindau Nobel Meeting Selectee 2020&2021

Julia Ahlfeld - Joachim-Herz Translational Research Fellowship 2019

Jan Felber - Studienstiftung d.d.V. PhD Fellowship 2019

Julia Ahlfeld & Kristina Loy - CiPSMwomen 2019

Jan Felber - Römer Prize (MSc) 2018