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Prizes, Scholarships and Independent Funding within the Group

"PhD Externships":
One pillar of our scientific training philosophy is to encourage and support our PhD students to take 3 months off their home projects and go to world-leading labs abroad. With Corona restrictions lifting, these externships are helping our students to acquire new skillsets and mindsets, while working on completely different topics that they independently design and propose. This refreshes the air during the PhD years, builds bridges to support postdoc applications and start collaborations, and is a prestigious and enjoyable recognition for our intellectual commitment and hard work.

  • Philipp Mauker: Yasuteru Urano at Uni Tokyo (2023; Joachim Herz fellowship)
  • Markus Müller: Evan Miller at UC Berkeley (2023; Joachim Herz fellowship & BaCaTec grant)
  • Lukas Zeisel: Andy Myers at Harvard (2023; Otto Bayer fellowship)
  • Jan Felber: Ben Cravatt at Scripps (2022)
  • Alex Sailer: Dirk Trauner at NYU (2021; DAAD fellowship)

Individual Awards within the group - our "journal cover gallery":
We strongly encourage and support our group members to secure individual funding and prizes. Winning your own funding is an integral step in an academic career, allows you to test your knowledge and ideas against the rigour of the peer review system, and is a prestigious recognition for any CV. We also feel that supporting our group members to win prizes and recognition is a better investment than building a collection of journal vanity covers.

Dr. Jan Felber
Studienstiftung Friedrich Hirzebruch Prize for the best PhD in natural sciences in Germany, 2024
Lukas Zeisel
Winner, inaugural Merck European Retrosynthesis Competition (solo!) 2023
Dr Jan Felber
Winner, Symeres / European MedChem-ChemBio Federation EFMC PhD Prize 2023
Dr Li Gao
Roche-EFMC Public Choice Prize for best junior scientist talk at EFMC 2023
Dr Li Gao
GDCh's PhD representative to the EuroMedChem conference
EFMC 2023
Dr Jan Felber
Klaus Tschira KlarText PhD Prize 2023 in Chemistry (film online)
Carina Schmitt
Studienstiftung d.d.V.
PhD Fellowship 2023
Dr Jan Felber
GDCh Biochemistry PhD award 2023 (+ prize talk at the WiFo Leipzig conference)
Lucas Dessen Weissenhorn
Dr. med. scholarship 2023
Dr Li Gao
GDCh Medicinal Chemistry PhD prize 2023 (+ prize talk at the FiMC Vienna conference)
Dr Martin Reynders
LMU-NYU Cooperation Grant 2023
Markus Müller
BaCaTec Exchange Project 2023 (to UC Berkeley, USA)
Dr Jan Felber
AbbVie Promotionspreis PhD award 2023
Dr Julia Thorn-Seshold
CeNS Investment Award 2022
Alexander Sailer
Alexander von Humboldt
Postdoc Fellowship 2022
Lukas Zeisel
CeNS Publication Award 2022
Markus Müller
Joachim-Herz Add-On
Research Fellowship 2022
Lukas Zeisel
Otto Bayer Fellowship
in Drug Discovery 2022
Dr Martin Reynders
CeNS Young Investigator 2021
Philipp Mauker
Joachim-Herz Add-On
Research Fellowship 2021
Elena Fajardo-Ruiz
Stiftung d. d. Wirtschaft
Fellowship 2021
Jan Felber
CeNS Nano Innovation Award 2021 - Silver Award
Dr Martin Reynders
SPP1926 Next Generation Optogenetics
Young Investigator Grant 2021
Dr Martin Maier
Merck Innovation Cup Winner
MedChem Competition 2021
Philipp Mauker
Studienstiftung d.d.V.
PhD Fellowship 2021
Lukas Zeisel
Römer Prize (MSc) 2020
römer logo
Adrian Müller-Deku
CeNS Publication Award 2020
Lukas Zeisel
Fonds der Chemischen Industrie Kekulé PhD Scholarship 2020
Ben Winkler
Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds
PhD Fellowship 2020
Lukas Zeisel
Lindau Nobel Meeting Selectee
2020, 2021 & 2022
Alex Sailer
DAAD PhD Exchange scholarship 2021 (NYU, USA)
Lena Poczka
FöFoLe & GRK2338
Dr. med. scholarship 2020
Dr Julia Thorn-Seshold
Joachim-Herz Translational Research Fellowship 2019
Jan Felber
Studienstiftung d.d.V.
PhD Fellowship 2019
Magdalena Scheck
PROSA-LMU Abroad Fellowship 2019 (Biel, Switzerland)
Dr Julia Thorn-Seshold &
Dr Kristina Loy

CiPSMwomen 2019 Fund
Jan Felber
Römer Prize (MSc) 2018