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PhD Students & Postdocs

L. Gao Li Gao, M.Sc
(M.Sc: Trauner, LMU; Industry: Bayer)
Li was the first to join the Group, starting his PhD in 2017.01 and helping enormously to get our research running. With a background in organic synthesis, he works on fully synthetic as well as semisynthetic natural product-based photoswitchable inhibitors, with a sideline in topoisomerase-targeted pharmacogenic prodrugs.; C1.011; +49 89 2180-77926
Adrian Müller-Deku, M.Sc
(M.Sc: Didier, LMU; Industry: Solvay and Bayer)

Adrian started his PhD in 2017.10 with a background in organic and inorganic synthesis. His projects focus on the synthesis of tubulin-targeted photoswitchable inhibitors and chemical biology reagents. He is also in charge of our weekly Synthesis Denksports (Thursday ~1230).; C01.011; -77232
Yvonne Kraus, M.Sc
(M.Sc: Gerisch, MPI; Work Internships: BCA Augsburg and MPI)

Yvonne joined the group in 2017.05 then started her PhD in 2018.01. She is evaluating photoswitchable reagents for control over the dynamics and architecture of the microtubule cytoskeleton.; C0.065; -77227
A. Sailer Alexander Sailer, M.Sc
(M.Sc: Holzgrabe, Würzburg & Szklarzewicz, Cracow)

Alexander started his PhD with us in 2018.06, working on emerging families of photoswitches to modulate microtubule dynamics and function.; C1.011; -77926
J. Felber Jan Felber, M.Sc
(M.Sc: Thorn-Seshold, LMU; Industry: Bayer)

Jan joined us in 2018.01 for his MSc, and after a stint at Bayer returned for his PhD in 2018.11. Jan balances organic synthesis with in vitro biology, researching probes and prodrugs for redox biology (Studienstiftung scholar).; C1.009; -77925
M. Müller Markus Müller, M.Sc
(M.Sc: Gulder, TUM; Industry: Boehringer-Ingelheim)

Markus joined us for his PhD in 2019.09, with a background in organic and natural product synthesis. He is working on photoresponsive TRP channel probes and chemical probe methodology. (NB: hyphen!); C1.009; -77231
B. Winkler Ben Winkler, M.Sc
(M.Sc: Schneider, ETH Zürich; Industry: Roche Diagnostics)

Ben joined us in 2019.11 for a PhD involving photoredox probes and TRP channel modulators (Boehringer-Ingelheim scholar).; C1.011; -77232
L. Zeisel Lukas Zeisel, M.Sc
(Internship: Toste, UCB; M.Sc: Thorn-Seshold, LMU; Industry: Bayer)

Lukas joined us in 2019.05 for his MSc, interned at Bayer, and returned for his PhD in 2020.06. With a background in organic synthesis, he is synthesising redox-activated prodrugs for cell biology and in vivo therapy (Lindau scholar).; C1.009; -77926
L. Poczka Lena Poczka
(medical student)

Lena joined us in 2020.03 for Dr. med. research into redox biology under Dr. Julia Ahlfeld (FöFoLe / GRK2338 Lungentoxikologie scholar).; K0.036; -71035
M. Maier Dr. Martin Maier
(MSc & PhD: Trauner, LMU/NYU)

Martin joined us in 2020.04 with extensive experience in total synthesis and in photopharmacology. He is now postdoc'ing on the synthesis of redox biology probes and prodrugs.; C1.009; -77925
P. Mauker Philipp Mauker
(Internship: Hall, Newcastle; Industry: Bayer Wuppertal)

Philipp did his MSc with us in 2019-2020 on synthesis of fluorogenic compounds and cell-permeation probes, and returns from October 2020 for his PhD.; C1.009; -77925

Masters Students

D. Lonken Dominik Lonken

Dominik joined us in 2020.01 for his MSc in pharmaceutical sciences, on the biochemistry of reagents for subcellular photocontrol of microtubule dynamics.; C0.065; -77224

Project CytoSwitch

Tilmann Petersen (VivoCell, joined in 2018.03, with a background in biotech and tech entrepreneurship, and co-leads the CytoSwitch translational project. Dr. Elena Longhi (PhD: Licandro, Uni. Milan; Postdocs: de Cola, Uni. Strasbourg; Marder, Georgia Tech) joined in 2018.10 as a synthetic chemist with experience in photoactives, and heads compound creation in the project. Dr. Wen-Hsin Liu (PhD: Sun Yat-Sen University; Postdoc: Jeremias, Helmholtz; Fässler, MPI) joined in 2019.03 and with her experience in in vivo biology is responsible for the project's in vivo science. Dr. Marcel Klingenberg (PhD: Diederichs, DKFZ Heidelberg) joined in 2019.04 and with his cell & molecular biology background is working on the biological evaluations.
K0.036 (BioSysM); +49 89 2180-71035; EL: C1.009, -77925.;;;

Project NanoCapture

NanoCap in the time of Corona

Dr. Petar Marinković (PhD: Misgeld, TUM; Postdoc: Herms, DZNE) joined the Group in 2017.04 with a background in in vivo imaging and neuroscience, and leads translation in project NanoCapture. Dr. Julia Ahlfeld (PhD: Schüller, LMU Hospital; Postdoc: Rothenfusser, LMU Hospital) joined the Group in 2018.07 with experience in in vivo cancer and disease models and in a clinical trial, and leads NanoCapture's in vivo science. Constanze Heise (prev: Immunopharmacology, LMU Hospital) joined in 2019.04 as lab scientist running the project biology. The team are completed by immunobiologist Dr. Danica Bajic (PhD: Stein-Thoeringer, TUM; joined 2019.12); in vivo biologist and pharmaceutical scientist Dr. Jasmin Kuhn (PhD: Wagner, LMU; joined 2020.04); and chemical biologist Dr. Annabel Kitowski (PhD: Bernades, Lisbon; joined 2020.03) who is working on analytics and chemistry translation for in vivo studies.
K0.032 (BioSysM) +49 89 2180-71034; CH: C0.057, -77224.;;;;;


Positions vacant, just apply!


Andras joins Markus for an OC-F praktikum from 2020.09.
Room: C1.009; -77231
Katja Fusser

Katja joins Ben for a synthesis BSc from 2020.08 on linkerology.
Room: C1.011; -77232
Paula Ruppel

Paula did a HiWiship with Li in summer 2019 synthesising photoswitchable toxins, and returned in 2020 for a BSc with Jan on more toxic drugs than those.
Room: C1.009; -77925
Julia Rauh

Julia has been doing a synthesis HiWi with Jan from 2019-2020 on redox-activated probes.
Room: C1.009; -77925