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PhD Students

J. Felber Jan Felber, M.Sc
(M.Sc: Thorn-Seshold; Industry: Bayer; PhD Ex: Cravatt, Scripps)

Jan joined us in 2018 for his MSc, had a stint at Bayer, and returned for his PhD. Jan has developed probes and prodrugs for sulfur redox biology (JACS, NatComm, Chem, Pat.1, Pat.2, JACS Au). (Römer MSc prize, Studienstiftung PhD scholar, CeNS Innovation prize); C2.028; -77259
Markus Müller, M.Sc
(M.Sc: Gulder, TUM; Ind: Boehringer-Ingelheim; PhD Ex: Miller, UCB)

Markus joined us for his PhD in 2019, with a background in organic synthesis. He researches photoresponsive TRP channel probes (ACIE), and is pushing the boundaries of chemical probe methods (Boehringer Exploration co-applicant; BaCaTec scholar; Joachim Herz fellow). (NB: hyphen!); C2.028; -77259
B. Winkler Benedikt Baumgartner, Winkler, M.Sc
(M.Sc: Schneider, ETH Zürich; Industry: Roche Diagnostics)

Ben joined us in 2019 for a PhD involving photoredox probes and TRP channel modulators (Boehringer-Ingelheim PhD scholar).; C2.026; -77044
L. Zeisel Lukas Zeisel, M.Sc
(M.Sc: Thorn-Seshold; Industry: Bayer; PhD Ex: Myers, Harvard)

Lukas joined us in 2019 for his MSc, interned at Bayer, then returned for his PhD in 2020 on selenium-based redox-activated prodrugs for biology (Chem, Pat. 1, Pat. 2, NatComm, JACS, PE, Synthesis). (Römer MSc prize, Lindau scholar, FCI-Kekule PhD scholar, Otto Bayer fellow, CeNS Publication award).; C2.028; -77021
P. Mauker Philipp Mauker, M. Sc
(Internship: Hall, Newcastle; M.Sc: Thorn-Seshold; Industry: Bayer)

Philipp joined us for his MSc in 2019 on fluorogenic compounds and cell-entry probes. He returned in 2020 for his PhD, mixing cell permeability chemistries with photochemical tagging methods (Studienstiftung PhD scholar, Joachim Herz fellow).; C2.026; -77263
Carina Schmitt, M. Sc
(M.Sc Thorn-Seshold)

Carina joined our group for her OC-F Prak on redox (2020) then stayed for her MSc in chemical-genetic photocontrol (2021). She returned in 2022 for her PhD, expanding these concepts and (at last!) bringing them together, all while tackling a new element in the TS lineup.; C2.028; -77021

Postdocs and Masters Students

Dr. Julia Thorn-Seshold, née Ahlfeld
(PhD: Schüller, LMU Hospital; Postdoc: Rothenfusser, LMU Hospital)

Julia joined in 2018 with experience in cell biology and in vivo disease models. She led the NanoCapture project from 2021, and is the senior scientist in charge of biology in the group (Joachim Herz Fellow, CeNS Investment fund).; C2.084, -77224
Dr. Martin Reynders
(M.Sc & PhD: Trauner, NYU)

Martin joined us in 2021 with experience in photopharmacology, synthesis and chemical biology. He works broadly on photopharmaceutical tools for protein control in cells (SPP1926 Young Investigator grant; CeNS Young Investigator award).; C2.026; -77263
Dr. Nynke A. Vepřek
(M.Sc & PhD: Trauner, NYU)

Nynke joined us in 05.2022 to postdoc on "the tools for biology that only chemistry can provide" (Zitat Fürstner).; C2.084; -77224
Michaela Colling-Kaltenegger

Michaela rejoined us in 07.2022 for her MSc on new bioorthogonal ligations, aiming to exploit them to attach the world's baddest fluorophores she developed in her very dark and successful OC-F-Prak.; C2.028; -77259
Ewen Lelias

Ewen joined us in 10.2022 for a post-MSc research stay working on chemical/genetic hybrid approaches.; C2.084; -71034


Alexander Wiegand

Alexander joined Jan in 08.2022 for an OC-F-Prak on redox probes and antibody-drug linkers, then stayed for further research & HiWiship.
Julia Gaisbauer

Julia joined Philipp in 11.2022 for her OC-F-Prak on photocaged agents for spatiotemporal control over protein localisation.
Tobias Landmann

Tobias joined Martin in 11.2022 for an OC-F-Prak on the fragment-based development of novel tubulin probes.
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Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee joined Michaela in 07.2022 as a postdog, with extensive experience in motivational barking, good behaviour, and astonishing feats of mountain climbing (occasionally assisted by Markus).