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Seminars, Meetings, & Invited Speakers

TS Group Meetings

All students and researchers are welcome at our meetings, regardless of your age and background! Just contact Oliver.

The Group meets on Tuesday mornings (0915-1100).
One person presents their current research in depth, and there are five flash talks on new literature.

Our Chemistry Denksports are on Thursday lunchtimes: total synthesis and chem bio / med chem.
The TS Group Research Retreats have resumed. Jan'22: Writing Papers and Theses. Aug'22: Herrsching Week.

Seminars Around us: Chem & Pharm (LMU); Chem MChG (LMU / TUM); Biology (LMU & MPI); Biophysics (LMU-CeNS)

Invited Seminar Speakers

2023.01.27 - Elias Arnér (Karolinska) - Selenoproteins and the redox control of cellular functions: 10:00, Butenandt-HS
2022.11.22 - Félix Viana (Alicante) - Pathophysiology of TRPA1 channels: 15:00, Zoom
2022.09.09 - Yasuteru Urano (Tokyo) - Optical imaging probes for chemical biology and the clinic: 11:15 Butenandt-HS
2022.07.29 - Liz New (USyd) - Metals and Redox Sensors: 11:00, Zoom
2022.04.29 - Johannes Broichhagen (FMP Berlin) - Chemical Biology at the (Cellular) Interface: 11:15 Butenandt-HS
2022.04.11 - Georg Manolikakes (TU Kaiserslautern) - Modular Synthesis for Bioactives: 11:15 Butenandt-HS
2022.01.21 - Guglielmo Lanzani (Milan) - Photoisomerisation probes for membrane viscosity and capacitance
2021 - Stefan Hecht (Aachen) - Photoresponsive tools from materials science to biology
2021 - Joyce Meiring (Utrecht) - An optogenetic tool for localised microtubule disassembly
2021 - Robin Bon (Leeds) - Structural insights into modulation of TRPC1/4/5 channels
2021 - Aubry Miller (DKFZ) - HDAC inhibitor development
2020 - Ulrike Theisen (Rostock) - The microtubule cytoskeleton in zebrafish neurogenesis
2020 - Chambers Hughes (UCSD) - Chemical biology approaches to elucidate natural product mechanisms of action
2020 - Wiktor Szymanski (Groningen / AMC) - Photopharmacology: Towards light-controlled therapy
2019 - Alexander Heckel (Frankfurt) - Photoswitching Systems and Analysis

Group Meeting Exchange

Informal "shared group seminars" with up-and-coming groups, to inject some diversity into our weekly science

2022.04 - Larissa von Krbek (Bonn)
2022.11 - Claire Deo (EMBL)

LMU Junior Research Groups seminar #1, "ChemBioChem": April 29th 2022, 15:00 s.t., Butenandt-HS

Looking for BSc/MSc thesis, internship, and PhD positions in Chem, Biochem, Pharma and Bio?
The Heisenberg, Emmy Noether, and Liebig Junior Groups at LMU present their research and position openings.
After the talks, there is free radler, beer and brezn outside, where interested students can directly approach all the research group leaders to ask questions or talk about projects.

For the ChemBioChem seminar, please register at this link until 27th April.
Then we know how much drinks and food to buy, and can email you updates or the set of slides as a PDF afterwards.

The second seminar, "Inorganic, Photochem, Microscopy & Materials", is on May 6th - details at this link.