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Oliver Thorn-Seshold

Oliver was born in Sydney, Australia in 1985. He studied chemistry at the University of Sydney and University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He took his PhD in chemical biology, on imaging probes for hydrolases, under Prof. Jens Hasserodt at the ENS Lyon, France. He brought a project on photoswitchable microtubule inhibitors to Dirk Trauner’s lab at the LMU Dept. Chemistry in 2013, continued for postdoctoral studies, then started his independent career at the LMU Dept. Pharmacy in 2016.

In 2018 he was awarded the DFG's Emmy Noether grant to establish his independent group, using organic chemistry to tackle problems in cell biology. His favourite atom is oxygen and his secret goal is to ensure that each of the group's projects relies on at least one.

CV 2023.09
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