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Researchers, Interns, Translation Projects

MSc, PhD, Postdoc

M. Scheck K. Loy
Bekkah Hammar did her BSc and internships with us in 2017-2018, on MRI-active and fluorescent nanoparticles; then in 2019 completed an outstanding MSc on tubulin biochemistry and interned until end 2019. Great work and see you soon again, Bekkah!
Magdalena Scheck joined us in 2019.10 for an interim scholarship in cell biology. All the best and see you soon again in 2020!
Dr. Kristina Loy postdoc’d with us in 2019 on redox biology and tubulin stabilisers. Best of luck in your next steps!
F. Ermer S. Rieth K. Panczyk M. Borowiak C. Donau
Franziska Ermer was with us from 2018-2019 researching anti-angiogenic and in vivo applications of tubulin inhibitors, and now entered private veterinary practice.
Sonja Rieth took her M.Sc with us in 2018-2019, synthesising new pharmacophores for topoisomerase inhibitors.
Kasia Panczyk, MSc completed a DAAD scholarship with us in 2019, synthesising new scaffolds and photoswitches for TRP channels and is now a lecturer in Krakow.
Dr. Malgorzata Borowiak postdoc'd in the Group from 2017-2018 in cell and molecular biology, evaluating photoswitchable cytotoxins, and is now in a pharma firm in Krakow.
Carsten Donau, MSc took his M.Sc with us in 2017-2018, synthesising photoswitchable scaffolds for DNA binders and for manipulating cell structures.

Interns and Bachelors

A. Tölke F. Heck R. Shah
Linda Pettersson (Pharma) HiWi'd with Alex in summer 2019 on TRP channel inhibitors.
Simon Wanner did a Chemistry BSc thesis with Li in 2019 on cytotoxic SBTs.
Annika Tölke did a Chemistry F-Praktikum with Adi in 2018-2019 on photoredox switches.
Fabian Heck did a Chemistry F-Praktikum with Alex in 2019 synthesising tubulin inhibitors.
Ruchira Shah, MSc joined us as a CeNS Scholar from 2018-2019, working on the biology of photoswitchable topoisomerase inhibitors.
2018 - 2019
V. Valsamidou F. Kiss R. Saeb S. Novosedlik N. Hamou & N. Özyürek
Vicky Valsamidou joined Jan for a Chemistry F-Praktikum on redox-triggered redox cyclers in 2019.
Ferdinand Kiss joined Li for a Chemistry F-Praktikum on topoisomerase inhibitors and exploring isomerisation pathways in 2018.
Rakan Saeb (Chemistry) BSc'd and interned with Li for over half a year in 2018-2019, on topoisomerase inhibitors and crystallising anything that can crystallise.
Sebastian Novosedlik did a Chemistry F-Praktikum with Alex in 2018, synthesising water-soluble photoswitches.
Nesrin Hamou & Nurunnisa Özyürek (Pharma) joined Adrian in 2018 for synthesis internships towards twisted/cyclic azobenzenes.
K. Scherr C. Wichmann M. Wegert R. Sachsse J. Habdank
Kati Scherr, Christina Wichmann & Marc Wegert (Pharma StEx) did synthesis HiWiships over spring 2018: Chrissie on redox triggers with Jan, Marc on photoswitchable tubulin inhibitors with Adi, and Kati on topoisomerase inhibitors with Li; Marc also came back in autumn for scaleups. All the best in your future adventures, folks!
Ruben Sachsse joined us in 2018 for a BSc thesis in Pharmaceutical Biology, evaluating the biological mechanisms of some photoswitchable toxins.
Jonas Habdank joined Adi in 2018 for a BSc thesis in Chemistry, synthesising photoswitchable cytotoxins.
2016 - 2017
N. Peters 2017 chem interns Q. Hochhauser S. Schmidt
Niklas Peters did a great mol bio internship in 2017 on mechanistic evaluations of our topoisomerase-targeting compounds.
Andrea Stegner, Kristina Krauskopf and Beccy Bechtel worked extensively (and very successfully!) with us on the synthesis of photoswitchable toxins in 2016-2017 as HiWis.
Quillian Hochhauser researched his BSc Thesis with us in 2017 on click chemistry approaches to reactive inhibitors.
Sandra Schmidt researched her BSc Thesis with us in 2016 synthesising heterocyclic tubulin inhibitors.

Translational Projects

K. Klar Y. Wainman M. Fütterer D. Mangelberger A. Werner
Dr. Kathrin Klar worked in the NanoCapture project in 2019 and is now at Medigene.
Dr. Yelena Wainman joined from 2016, co-led the CytoSwitch photoswitchable antimitotics project from 2018-2019, and is now a consultant in the pharma/med tech area.
Dr. Marina Fütterer postdoc'd with us in 2017-2019 on in vivo biology in the NanoCapture project, and is now a consultant in the life sciences.
Dr. Doris Mangelberger postdoc'd with us in 2017-2018 on in vivo assays for photoswitchable antimitotics in the CytoSwitch project. She now works at MorphoSys as a toxicologist.
Dr. Alexander Werner worked in project CytoSwitch in 2017 and is now at an Israeli biotech.